No Wincanton for Champions Club

January 4, 2019 News

CHAMPIONS CLUB will unfortunately miss his intended engagement at Wincanton on Saturday due to a minor injury.

The son of Jeremy, who was a record purchase for the Coral Champions Club, was set to make his third start over hurdles but was found to be lame on Friday morning. Thankfully, the injury isn’t serious, with trainer Tim Vaughan suggesting it was most likely an abscess forming in his foot.

An abscess is a common cause of lameness in horses, especially in wet winter conditions following a dry period. While it isn’t a serious injury, it’s still a very painful one and a visit from the farrier is essential. The treatment process involves the shoe on the affected leg being removed to find the abscess. Once the cause of lameness is found, the farrier/stable hand will then apply a poultice to the hoof. A poultice is a soft, moist mass of material which is applied to draw the abscess to the surface of the hoof. The water in the poultice softens the surface which allows the infection to be drained out.

Once healed, we’ll sit down with Mr Vaughan and form a plan for Champions Club who should be back in full work in a week or 10 days.

While it’s very frustrating for all involved, it’s a sharp reminder that racehorse ownership isn’t all champagne corks and top hats. The work that the trainer and their staff put in behind the scenes to get a horse to the racecourse shouldn’t go unnoticed or under-appreciated.

Check back soon for a further update.

Coral Champions Club